Same Glass

Every day, tens of thousands of bars across America wash millions of glasses. Every time that dishwasher runs, water and energy is used in a seemingly small amount, multiplied by the vastness of the industry.

Same Glass is a simple design exercise that can change people's behaviors, flipping their coaster over to signal that they'd like to use the same glass for their next drink, saving it from the washer.

Designers, alcohol and beverage brands, bars and franchises can all create their own.

Using Behaviors For Change

Using Behaviors For Change

It's something we all do every time we sit at a bar. It's a decision we can make right there in the moment.

Beyond that moment at the bar, it will also work to bring water and energy consumption to the forefront of peoples' minds, in a way that feels natural, on a platform they can immediately effect.

Design And Simplicity

Design And Simplicity

It's a two sided beer mat / coaster / napkin.

Square / round / oval.

Anyone can design one.

Everyone can have an effect.