BJ's March Sadness

This March, BJ’s wanted to be the place that people came to watch their college team beat the odds, and relish in the joy of winning March Madness… but it wasn’t as simple as that.

Written and Directed by Rob Cantor

PASSWORD: marchmadness

Stage 1 – Denial

We instead thought about the nuance that there is in fact only one winner of March Madness, and 67 losers. So instead of competing with sports bars to get people to come and watch the games, we pitched BJ’s as the place to go and drown your tears after your team inevitable crashes out.

Stage 2 - Anger

Optimized for Instagram and Facebook, we celebrated the ways in which BJ’s can help cure those Basketball Blues – these were a lot of fun.

Stage 3 - Bargaining

These were accompanied by still and animated social content on Instagram and Facebook.

Stage 4 - Depression

During the shoot, this guy went through about 20 Pizookies.

Stage 5 - Acceptance