BJ's Brewhouse

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse was in need of an identity that could evolve from their "Craft Matters" philosophy, in a world where even McDonalds are serving up 'crafted' sandwiches.

So we created their "Making Time Count" strategy – born from their heritage in craft beer, it sets them apart from a category full of flare, speed, high-turnover and low-quality experiences.

The Driest Beer

The Driest Beer

California Was In The Depths Of The Drought.

Born and bred in California, we proposed that BJ's should use it's craft to help make a difference.

Brew A Beer Designed To Save Water

It would begin with their brewers crafting a beer that reduced, reused and recycled water in the brewing process, creating "The Driest Beer".

Share It With California

Take the basic principles and share it with brewers, big and small, across the State, promoting their ability to have an impact on the world whilst highlighting their experience and prowess in brewing award winning, hand-crafted beer.

Buy A Hero A Beer

Celebrate Those Who Always Make Their Time Count

Living into the strategy of "Making Time Count", we used BJ's best asset – their hand-crafted beer – to celebrate those who make the most of the time they have every day.

Everyday Heroes

We created a platform on the BJ's website that allows anyone to buy a beer for a hero in their community, redeemable by local fire, police and EMT service people in the restaurants. 

The Hero In Your Life

We also created dedicated gift cards and embedded them into the platform so whether it's your sister who watched the kids or your best mate who helped you move house, you can thank the heroes in your life with the honest gesture of buying them a beer.

Honest Critics

How Can A Brewhouse Show Off Fresh Ingredients

BJ's makes their time count by making sure they put fresh and healthy ingredients into their meals in the first place – but who's going to believe a restaurant franchise when it comes to quality?

Don't Ask Us, Ask The Kids

Who hates vegetables most? Well we put our new EnLIGHTened menu to the ultimate test, and despite being incredibly cute, they really helped us make our point.

March Sadness

The Place To Commiserate 

BJ's can't compete with the billion places people go to watch their team compete in March Madness.

1 Winner = 67 Losers

So although everyone has their local lucky bar, there's nowhere to go once your team goes out. Enter BJ's, and the 5 Stages of Basketball Blues, making sure you can make the most of what's left of the tournament by spending your time with us.

This lived alongside a plethora of fun social content across all the regular platforms.