About Me


Currently a Creative Director at DDB in San Francisco, I'm lucky enough to work on designing strategic, purposeful and beautiful content and solutions for our clients. Constantly trying to balance the structure and function of a traditional graphic design background with my desire to be engaging, diverse and artistic.

On one side, that design-thinking philosophy has become a backbone of how I approach everything, from a brand’s positioning, to social media takeovers. Because only with empathy for both the brand’s business needs as well as the people they’re engaging with, can you really be a successful designer.

On the other side, my desire to put beautiful, thoughtful and meaningful things into the world puts me at the cross roads of form and function with every brief I take on.

"Dan is the sort of Creative that can make any piece of work shine. It’s not just because he’s great at his craft, it’s because all his work has a great creative insight at it’s heart."

- Daniel Hennessy, CCO Momentum London

Over the past 10 years, I’ve gone from being a graphic designer graduating into the newly developing world of ‘interaction design’, to an experiential marketer, to an agency art director, to a creative director and strategist. I started as an interaction designer in it’s original sense – developing alternative visual systems and interfaces, writing code and bringing them to life. I fell into marketing in order to pay rent, and ended up designing and developing experiential events, retail and POP interactions for brands like Nokia and Microsoft.

"He is talented, thinks both in big picture and about all the little details."

- Kerry Keenan, CCO Deutsch NYC

From there I’ve moved up through the line, working on a really diverse range of clients and channels, and have applied that same interaction and design based approach to brand and product strategies, global campaign messages and good old 360° marketing platforms.

I have a hard time not being hands on. I’m not very good at the traditional agency “creative director” thing. So apart from being too involved in my day to day work, I love making things in general; I cook a lot, I write a lot of words in varying artistic styles, and I strive to find energy to keep side projects hustling too.